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Flooring Company Serving the Des Moines Area

When it comes to flooring, we are your local experts. Our team specializes in all types of flooring and will assist you with every phase of your flooring project. From taking floor measurements, to selecting the flooring type that will work best for your space and lifestyle, to installation and maintenance, we have you covered.

We offer the following flooring types: 

Hardwood Flooring
Laminate Flooring
Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl
Tile / Stone Flooring

Your local and trusted flooring company serving residential and commercial customers throughout Des Moines, IA!

Not only do we have an extensive selection of brands and offerings, but we also offer the following flooring services:

Flooring Installation

We install all types of flooring including hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile, brick, and stone! Once you’ve determined the type of flooring you want installed we will handle the rest! From professional on-site measurement, skilled flooring contractors, and excellent customer service, you’ll be left with a spectacular new floor that is sure to last!

Hardwood Sanding and Refinishing Services

The beauty with hardwood flooring is that after years of wear and tear, you can bring back the beauty of your existing hardwood floors with our Sanding and Refinishing services. Unlike laminates or vinyl floors, hardwood floors need to be sanded and refinished from time to time to maintain their beauty and shine. We do a professional and quick job to restore your hardwood floors to their original luster. Maintenance depends on the depth of the scratches and scuffs on your floor. They may only require light sanding on the top with a new coat of varnish applied to them. For moderate damage, your floors may require sanding to the bare wood and complete refinishing.

Floor Preparation Services

Preparing the surface properly for the flooring you pick is extremely important when it comes to the durability and longevity of your new floor installation. When you hire our team they will be sure to prep the floor according to the flooring you choose. Leave the mess to us because this includes removing and cleaning up the previous flooring.

In-Home Floor Measurements

When it comes to a perfect floor installation exact measurements are key! Our team of expert contractors will come out and measure your space to ensure when we are done your new flooring is aligned perfectly from each corner. Allowing our trained professionals to measure your space gives us the best accuracy when it comes to the amount of material we will need.

Financing Options

Trying to build your dream home while staying within your budget can become extremely stressful. This is why we offer several options for financial assistance. Let us help you install the perfect flooring for your home while also finding the best solutions for your budget. Call or visit us today for more information on our flooring financing options! 

Floor Visualizer

Want to visualize the room with the flooring before you commit? Visit our visualizer page and upload a picture of your room to get a sneak peak of the results of a new floor! 

We know that selecting the right flooring for your home can be overwhelming. We want to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. 


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